Get Certified Translation Of Malaysian Birth Certificate In Singapore

An official birth certificate translation is required for those who want to submit their application with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The document must be translated into English, which includes providing a notarized signature as well.

Engaging the services of our professional translation company will ensure that your document is translated accurately and efficiently. Our team of experienced translators is well-versed in a variety of languages, allowing us to provide you with high-quality translations regardless of the source language.

We provide a certified document translation and notarization service of your birth certificate. The notarized version is the most reliable and can be used for official purposes, but it's important that you get one from an expert translator so make sure they use professional skills. We also provide the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) authentication for your document if required

We guarantee fast and accurate translation services that will meet your needs and expectations. We are committed to providing our clients with quality service, and we are confident that we can deliver the best results possible. Contact us today to get started on your project!

Translate My Malaysian Birth Certificate To English In Singapore

You can use our online Malaysian birth certificate translation service in Singapore to quickly get your birth certificates translated by a professional translator. Our team of experienced translators is all native speakers of the target language and can translate Malaysian birth certificates to English, ensuring that your document is accurately translated. We offer a wide range of language combinations for converting your birth certificate to any other language.

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Hire Certified Translator For Malaysian Birth Cert Translation In Singapore

If you are in need of a Malaysian birth certificate translation in Singapore, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that you hire a certified document translator from We have a team of highly skilled and experienced translators who are experts in translating Malaysian birth certificates. With years of experience in the industry, they are able to provide accurate and reliable translations that meet all your requirements.

ICA Submission

When you need a reliable translation service for your ICA application purposes, turn to the professionals at who have extensive experience translating birth certificates from Malaysia and are ready to provide accurate translations in order that they can be submitted on time without error.

Study Abroad

If you are planning to study in Singapore, you will need to have your birth certificate translated into English. The translation must be done by an accredited translator so that it will be accepted by the educational institution. We offer fast and accurate translations of Malaysian birth certificates so that you can submit your application on time.

Government Submission

There may be other times when you need your Malaysian birth certificate to be translated for submission to a government organization. In these cases, it is critical that the translation accurately reflects the information on the original document so that any errors can be rectified before they cause any delays or problems with your application.

Get Notarised Translation Of Your Malaysian Birth Certificate In 3 Simple Steps

We are a professional translation service provider in Singapore with experience in translating all sorts of documents, including Malaysian birth certificates. We offer quick and accurate translations that will be accepted by the Singapore authorities. Here's how to get your Malaysian birth certificate translated by us:


Submit order Form

To get started, simply fill in our online order form with your contact details and the document that you need to be translated. We will then provide you with a free quotation.


Make Payment

Once you have accepted our quotation, you can make payment via bank transfer or Paypal. We will begin working on yourtranslation once payment is received.


Receive Translation

You will receive the completed translation of your Malaysianm birth certificate via email within 3 working days. We offer express service at an additional cost if you need your document urgently.

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Malaysian Birth Certificate Translation Services - FAQ’s

Yes, you will need to provide a certified English translation of your Malaysian birth certificate when you submit your application for Singapore citizenship. We can provide you with an accurate and reliable translation that is accepted by the ICA. offers professional document translation services, including translation of birth certificates. We have a team of experienced translators who are able to provide you with an accurate and certified translation of your birth certificate.

You can help you translate Malaysia birth certificate to english in singapore by engaging the services of our ICA document translation agency. We offer a wide range of document translation services, including the translation of Malaysian birth certificates. Contact us today to get started on your project!