Admin March 3, 2023

The Different Types of Notarization Services in Singapore

Notaries play an important role in the legal system. They authenticate documents, verify identities and witness signatures on important documents. In Singapore, notaries are regulated by the Law Society of Singapore. There are several different types of notarization services available in Singapore. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different types of notarization services available and explain why they might be necessary for your situation.

Notarial Attestations

Notarial attestations are one type of notarization service offered in Singapore. This type of service involves the attestation of a document’s accuracy or authenticity by a Notary Public. The Notary Public will then affix their signature and seal to the document as proof that it has been properly verified and attested to. This is often necessary when dealing with foreign or international documents, or when there is an issue with the authenticity or accuracy of a document.


Another type of notarization service offered in Singapore is Apostille/Legalizations. This service is typically used for documents that need to be legally recognized outside of the country where they were issued, such as passports or birth certificates. Apostille/legalizations involve verifying the authenticity and accuracy of a document before providing verification in the form of an apostille or legalization certificate from the Singapore government, which can then be used to prove its legitimacy abroad.

Certified Copies

Certified copies are another type of notarization service offered in Singapore. A certified copy is essentially a copy of an original document that has been verified as accurate by a Notary Public before being affixed with their signature and seal as further proof that it is indeed an exact duplicate of the original document. Certified copies may be required when submitting paperwork to government agencies or other organizations that require evidence that what they are receiving is an exact replica of what was originally presented to them.

Other Notarization Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, other types of notarization services are available in Singapore. These include witnessing a signature on a document, granting power of attorney to someone, providing sworn testimony in court or before an official body, and affixing seals or stamps to documents. Depending on the situation, these document translation services may be necessary to complete certain legal transactions or ensure that documents are valid.


Notarization services play an important role in ensuring legal accuracy and authenticity when dealing with documents both domestically and internationally. In Singapore, there are several different types of notarization services available including Notarial Attestations, Apostilles/Legalizations, and Certified Copies each offering its own unique benefits depending on your specific needs. Understanding how these services work can help you make sure you get the right kind of assistance when you need it most!